Lose Weight in 7 Days with Rice Diet

7 day rice diet plan

Importance of Rice Diet Meal Plan

The Rice Diet Meal Plan is a diet that allows you to lose weight quickly. Thanks to the well-known properties of this food, always very present in the most common menus and in any type of diet. But does the Rice Diet Plan really work? What does it consist of? What is the scheme to follow and what are the menus to try? And finally, are there any contraindications?

Before answering all these questions it is appropriate to take a step back and describe the properties and benefits of rice. Thanks to the contribution of rice to our body, we will understand how effective this Rice Diet Plan For Weight Loss, which could also be about purifying the body in a short time.

How does it work? The benefits of rice for your diet

Rice is a highly valued food and, in fact, it is no coincidence that we have used it for centuries. Even outside of The Rice Diet Meal Plan, it has very beneficial properties for our lives in many ways. For starters, rice is a detoxifying food, perfect to help you on a detox diet, especially when you need to regenerate. Brown rice, for example, is very rich in fiber, helps digestion and, in particular, is an excellent ally against constipation. However, boiled white rice is very effective against diarrhea thanks to the large amount of starch it contains.

Rice proteins are poor in toxins and gluten, making it a perfect food for people with celiac disease as well as those who want to follow a gluten-free diet. Instead, red rice and black rice (or Venus rice) are known to be an ally against hypertension, help regulate blood pressure, and fight high cholesterol. They help in digestion and it is also an ally against cholesterol. It also has a powerful purifying effect. All these properties make rice an essential ingredient for a Rice Diet Meal Plan. Interestingly, The Rice Diet Meal Plan is similar to the lemon diet, which is divided into a first shock phase for purifying purposes and a short second phase, which helps you lose weight quickly. 

Also in this case, the rice that will be used the most is brown rice and no more than 80 grams per serving.

The 3-day rice diet: Phase 1

The Rice Diet Meal Plan for the first 3 days has a draining and purifying action and ensures excellent results, but recommends eating only rice. Choose brown rice for best results and sometimes alternate with cereals such as barley, millet or rye. Those who want to avoid gluten can use quinoa, a perfect food to feed with few calories. The standard menu of the 3-day diet has to be followed as follows:

Breakfast: sweet rice cream (rice boiled in a lot of water and beaten), with a pinch of honey or with a garnish of red fruits.

Lunch: brown rice boiled in plenty of water, to be almost completely absorbed (because even the rice cooking water must be consumed) + a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil + a fruit.

Dinner: rice soup (or quinoa or barley) topped with separately boiled vegetables.

The 7-day rice diet: Phase 2

A typical menu in 7 Day Rice Diet Plan would be the following:

Breakfast: a glass of rice milk + 3 rice cakes + 100% organic fruit jam, without additives and sweeteners.

Snack: a seasonal fruit.

Lunch: boiled brown rice or slightly salty, rice or pasta, seasoned with fresh cheese and boiled vegetables. As an alternative to rice, you can gradually introduce some more nutritious ingredients, such as fish (sea bass, hake, and halibut), skinless chicken, greens and greens. Lean meat and fish should be grilled or baked without seasonings, and served with vegetables.

Snack: a fruit

Dinner: risotto with mushrooms (maximum 60 grams of rice) or boiled rice seasoned with steamed prawns (or alternatively white meat) + mixed salad (or grilled vegetables) little seasoned, without salt and with a little oil.

Contraindications: the reasons why this diet should last only 7 days

The Rice Diet Meal Plan is not balanced, that is, it admits only a few foods, eliminating many others. For this reason, linked to health, it is a diet that should be adopted only for very short periods, and in any case should be chosen only with the approval of the doctor or nutritionist. Like all drastic diets, it has the defect that once interrupted if you do not return to a correct and balanced diet, all the lost kilos are immediately taken back. It is not a balanced diet so it can cause a feeling of fatigue, lack of concentration and in general some malnutrition since for a few days our diet is based on a single food. In short, it is a Diet Plan for Weight Loss with which you can have a flat stomach in the shortest time possible and lose several kilos. Of course, it is a plan that cannot be used as a constant diet. Follow some useful Natural Health Tips for an overall balanced diet

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